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MB&F Legacy Machine replica watch

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The fastest in the world! MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome three-axis speed adjustment mechanism

When two very different watchmakers met, they created new possibilities for replica luxury watches. One is Eric Coudray from the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, who is famous for his eye-opening complex mechanisms that break away from tradition; the other is Kari Voutilainen, who lives in Môtier, Switzerland and is a well-known perfectionist and traditional craftsman; Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen worked together to create the Legacy Machine Thunderdome for MB&F - a watch masterpiece with the world's fastest three-axis speed regulation mechanism.

The new TriAx mechanism equipped with the Legacy Machine Thunderdome watch is stunning. The three-axis rotating escapement adopts a minimalist design, which is an innovative move beyond tradition. This new mechanism breaks away from the norm and adopts a three-axis, double-frame configuration. You can more clearly see the rotating and beating heart of Thunderdome. It breaks away from the cumbersome structure of the general system where each selected axis is connected to a frame. high quality watches replica

Eric Coudray is famous for his bold style. With the TriAx mechanism of LM Thunderdome, he completely subverted ordinary people's understanding of watch escapements. The rate at which the barrel releases power is controlled by the Potter escapement, which is quite rare. This system is named after the 19th-century watchmaker and inventor Albert H. Potter, and uses a fixed escape wheel instead of the almost modern rotating escapement. Equipped with a moving escape wheel to speed up the speed.

The configuration of integrating the fixed escapement wheel into the three-axis rotating mechanism is unprecedented, and LM Thunderdome successfully realized this design. High-speed rotation requires a lot of power. The innermost structure takes 8 seconds to rotate once, the middle frame rotates once every 12 seconds, and the outermost layer completes a rotation every 20 seconds. high quality cheap watches

Another advantage of the Potter escape wheel is that it provides more space for the balance wheel and hairspring, so that you can savor another innovative development: the balance wheel of the LM Thunderdome adopts a hemispherical structure design and completely covers the cylindrical hairspring. It forms a unique speed-regulating mechanism that is unprecedented in both modern and classical watchmaking.

Even a senior cheap luxury watches connoisseur who has conducted in-depth research on the multi-axis tourbillon that has been around for 15 years still has his eyes lit up when he sees the Legacy Machine Thunderdome. Not only is this mechanism faster, with the parts rotating at dizzying high speeds, but because the eccentric shaft of the outermost frame increases the overall displacement range of the balance wheel, the size of the mechanism is greatly upgraded, and it can therefore completely present a unique configuration. . The large arc of the sapphire crystal dome allows Eric Coudray's work to rest safely above the dial, making it clearly visible from all angles.

After countless discussions, the two watchmakers determined that the impeccable power performance of the Coudray movement should be paired with a traditional and elegant design. The sleek bridge plate, hand-polished sharp sloping inner corners and mirror curves create an atmosphere of calmness and determination, perfectly separated from the chaos and restlessness on the other end. This is also the first time that Kari Voutilainen has applied unique surface treatment techniques to ratchet wheels in an MB&F work. This technique adds sinuous shimmer to a circular surface, catching the light in S-shaped ripples. Voutilainen's studio considers this trick a top secret and requires years of experience and special tools to perform it.

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